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I am here, Can you see me now?

Walking beside you.

Relentless sea, deadly blue

Cover me with your waters, shake my heart.

Devour me and make me feel lost in you.

I surrender to your fortitude, make me yours.

All yours, made of salt and coral.

Sweet sea, as blue as few.

Love me

Treacherous sea, dark and powerful.

Take me

Sea of mine, always out of my reach.

Forget me not.

To my favorite obsession

Always yours


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I still worked at the hotel. I was 19 years old and I yearned for adventures. Hopeful for something good, whatever small miracle in my life. I was so naive. I guess I am still naive and silly, I don't know.

That day was so hot, like every day of the year. I still wonder what was my father thinking when he decided to make this promise of city sorrounded by hills his new home. So far from the sea he always loved. My mind was traveling way too far from my body; such an easy task for me, thinking of what I let go because of my lack of courage.

They arrived like a storm, drunk walking and loud voices. He smelled like dark beer, weed, sweat and lust. She smelled like she didn't want to be there; not with him at least, fresh oranges and that peculiar smell of bar. With wasted voice  and hands over the girl he requested a room in the shade. I was trying to make him sign the guest book but his hands couldn't do more than go in the mini skirt of her companion,  a beautiful girl whose skin tone remind me of amber. When he finally got tired of me whining for his signature took his hands out from her and wrote whatever name in the infamous guest book, the smell of sex and sweat from his wet fingers filled the air and my senses, my own sex, nipples and mouth reacted at once and I offered her the room key with the hope of feeling her skin just for a second. She took it and gave me a stare that said everything; she was there only for the money, not because of the guy at all. He and his lustful hands went ahead while she stayed and requested to be woken up at 8 p.m. and I could even break the door down if it was necessary, she slipped me a bill and kissed me. I was surprised and speechless. Have I just being kissed by a prostitute? I really didn't care about it at that point, I just wanted to see her again. I looked at the clock and with pain counted bit more than 5 hours. What to do with the damn time that works in such unsuitable way? I stared chewing away my nail polish and then my nails. Despair and uncertainty. Do I really want more from a woman that sells herlsef away?

Finally 8 p.m. He had left couple hours before and then I noticed his new self; he smelled like cheap soap and sweaty clothes, but his face still smelled like victory. Like the first woman in my life, he liked to keep the smell of sex on his lips. Smell her again drove me crazy those last hours; I was dripping sweat and lust, my nipples were aching. It was time.

I knocked the door with a nervous hand, but there was no reaction at all so I knocked louder and said it was 8 already, I heard some whisperings and knocked the door once more. Something fell to the floor and her broken voice cursed quite a lot. The door opened and her red eyes stared at me, I wasn't sure if the redness was because she was still drunk or in pain because she was rubbing her right foot against her left leg. I felt bad about being so insistent and made her hit her foot with whatever she dropped. I repeated with a tread of voice the time and as she requested I almost drop the door down. The smell of cigarretes and sex. I couldn't help but look at her perfect boobs and the piercing in her navel. She smiled and told me to go in because she hated drinking alone. I said I could be only for a short while because I still had couple hours to work. She gave mea sip from her beer and started telling about the guy who brought her. She said the poor guy couldn't do more than eating her because he came too fast but she wasn't mad about it because she really doesn't do guys, she just happened to be short on cash and well he appeared at the right moment. She said she came all the way from Puebla wanting to travel around just because she was feeling like it. She was telling me all this while sitting next to me and stared to caress my hard nipples that were visible through my white top. She pushed me back on the bed and took my  jeans down and mount me without asking. Her right hand went inside my top while making her clit rub against my swollen, wet and hard clit. My lips found their way to her hard yet soft dark nipples, I bit them softly, took my hands around her small and round breasts, beautiful warm dark hills, warm blossoms moving following her owner. She took the beer and killed it while riding me and poured a little of it over me and started licking it off  my chest and made her way to my swollen clit and put her fingers soaked in beer inside of her and started eating me and her eyes met mine. With the same fingers she used to fuck herself she fucked me so hard and with the other hand gave small spanks to my clit, my fingers filled up her mouth and then all her holes. She licked all of me, even my asshole felt her hot tongue. She made me turn and started fucked me with the beer bottle and her tongue played with my ass. She made me cum in no time and I asked for more. I turned once more and her pussy was all over my face and her fingers fucking me again, we became a sea of tongues, fingers and saliva, odours and sweat all together, moans, beer and a bottle that became an extension for lust, I let myself go, I gave it all, I bit her everywhere, I let her fuck all my holes, I drank her juices and ate her pussy with fury. I came twice, I made her cum with my fingers and tongue fucking her beautiful, hot and throbbing pussy. She came and I continued eating her until she begged me to stop and licked her a bit more until I quenched my thirst for her juices...

Only until she laid on the bed next to me I noticed the scars on her neck, pale thin lines she tried to cover with lots of native design necklaces. Gorgeous facades for a perhaps, sad story. I wanted to ask her but I wont ruin something as perfect as this. Suddenly I remembered I still was in work hours and tought about some stupid excuse for my delay. I dressed up quickly, feeling the temptation of a quick shower but that would be more obvious than the smell of beer over me. She kissed me again and said she would be ready in no time. I went downstairs almost running and my work mate asked in a mad tone where the fuck I was. I told him with all the cool I could gather the poor chick was so drunk and messed up I didn't know what else to do than keep her company for a while, he didn't seem interested anymore and was  ok with such silly explanation.

I saw her comming down short time after and my pulse went all crazy again, the lower one too. She gave me the key back saying she was done with the room and asking for a cab. Feeling my heart shrinking half of its size I called her a cab and asked her ther phone number. She kissed me with tongue and all and said we might see each other again, but not for a while. She kissed me twice more and said her name slowly to my ear, like a secret and a present. I took her hands and kissed her for the last time. She smiled and left me with her smell of oranges and sex in my body.



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